Michele Schweisfurth

Michele Schweisfurth is a comparative educationist interested in the tensions between global frameworks (such as children’s rights, and notions of ‘best practice’ in teaching and learning) and local and cultural imperatives.

 Her current and recent research takes a comparative and international perspective on:

  • the relationship between education and development in low-income and transitional countries;
  • pedagogy - especially learner-centred pedagogy as a travelling policy and practice;
  • democratic education and education for democracy;
  • global citizenship education;
  • university internationalisation and the transnational, intercultural and academic experiences of mobile students.

She is a member of the editorial board for the journals Comparative Education (past editor); International Journal of Educational Development; European Education:  Issues and Studies; and Prospects, Quarterly Review of Comparative Education (UNESCO). A past Chair of the British Associaton for International and Comparative Education; and past Chair of the Board of Trustees for the UK Forum for International Education and Training. She is currently a member of the International Panel on Social Progress and one of the lead authors for the Education Chapter of the Report of the IPSP.